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Over the past year Halo Connect has grown as a business with new staff, sites and services even through the pandemic and craziness that has been 2020 and 2021. We can now offer more than just business broadband and hosted phones and we wanted a name and business that customers like yourselves can refer to for all your business needs.

This overarching company will encompass all of the channels of the business and services that we provide, from business broadband, hosted phones, IT services, gas and energy, mobiles and many other services.


Halo Connect will still exist as part of The Halo Tech Group in which we can provide bespoke built hosted telephone systems, business grade broadband from networks not readily available to other major providers. Ask us about Faster Britain for more details…


What keeps a business moving more than Wi-Fi you ask ? Energy, we are pleased to announce we will soon be offering businesses energy and gas solutions making us the perfect partner for you and  your business, because we can do it all, literally!


We can now offer mobiles for your business, keeping you connected wherever you may be. Using our Halo one app you can convert your mobile into your work phone without sharing your mobile number, as well as being able to ring out using your business number. Contact us for our latest mobile deals now!


You heard it here first, wanting ultrafast, reliable and cost effective broadband for your home as well as your business premises… then keep your eyes peeled for more updates on our Halo Home offering.


We know tech isn’t for everyone, and that’s where our Tech Care comes into play, providing businesses with a hassle free services ranging from computer virus removal, rebooting, wiping and updating. For more detail call our head office or email us at

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For more details on how we can help you and your business, or for more information about what we do and how contact us today on 0333 320 8612 or email us at