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What Broadband does my business need?

By 26th February 2019General News, Halo News

When it comes to broadband, there are several options and which one you choose has to meet the needs of your business. Below is round up of the broadband options available to you and indicators of the type which would work in your business.

ADSL is the most basic connection, powering small businesses at a very reasonable price. The main benefit of ADSL broadband is that it is available just about everywhere.

The connection is secure, with a download speed of 17Mpbs and upload speed of 1.7Mpbs and it works perfectly well for small businesses only needing broadband to take card payments and sending emails.

Fibre Optic broadband is perfect for slightly bigger businesses which have multiple users and use the internet for the likes of skype/conference conversations, emailing, and dealing with large files. Optical fibre a thin flexible fibre with a glass core through which light signals can be sent with very little loss of strength, starts fast and stays fast, with a download speed of 300Mpbs, so it is much more efficient than regular copper lines.

Managed Internet Access is the elite of all internet connections. It gives you exclusive use of your very own internet connection, providing you with a dedicated lease line ethernet connection. For big businesses or business centres, MIA is essential. It delivers a super secure, monitored and managed online operations 24/7 – no downtime, no disruptions, no dramas.

Name: Tom
Job: Cafe owner
Employees: 3
Needs: Emailing, card payments, has limited funding
Solution: ADSL

Name: Sally
Job: Home office business
Employees: 30
Needs: Video conferencing, email, social media, downloading large files
Solution: Fibre

Names: Ben and Will
Job: Call centre owners
Employees: 300
Needs: Uploading and downloading files, website design, VoIP, video conferencing, browsing, CRM and various computer systems
Solution: MIA (lease line)