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VoIP Developments Expected Within 2018

By 26th February 2019General News, Industry

Experts state that VoIP phone systems are one of the top investments that all businesses are making at the moment, mainly due to the flexibility that comes along with having the tools to be able to call anyone, with simply an internet connection. Technology continues to innovate at lightening speed, meaning we can expect great things from 2018 in terms of VoIP.

Faster networks will improve call quality even further                 

There is an expected increase of 5G mobile networks going live in 2018, which therefore results in a heightened quality of VoIP calls. 5G offers wireless speeds up to ten times faster than 4G as we know it, which will help to reduce some issues that you may have faced, such as echoing or slight jitter. This all helps massively when users are working remotely, and will give more people the option to do so.

Artificial intelligence will enhance telecom systems

AI technology goes hand in hand with VoIP phone systems, meaning that with AI innovation, VoIP is constantly benefitting. Before a call begins, AI will constantly be looking to fix issues such as poor call quality immediately, similar to a self-healing network. This opens opportunity for issues such as improper network configuration, high latency and low bandwidth to be solved in real time, both guaranteeing better quality of call, as well  as minimizing the need for human intervention.

Anticipated also is an AI-powered unified communications program that will be focused around analysing conversations, speech patterns and email correspondence in real time, in order to provide insight into customer behavior and sales performance. This information will open up further opportunity to improve sales tactics and customer service.

Major developers are working on prototypes of this technology and will likely launch similar functionality within 2018.

Smarter voice assistants

Not only will AI be able to provide customer-behavior analytics, but also the capability to answer calls. This is due to advancement in language processing! Voice assistants as we know them (such as Siri and Alexa) are becoming better and better at simple command interpretation and direct interaction with customers. Voice bots are handling simple queries usually found in FAQs currently, and with the correct implementation, there is potential to reduce human time spent on basic tasks such as this. Who doesn’t want increased productivity?

The death of old telephone systems

VoIP phone systems are becoming increasingly popular – causing predictions for the fall in sales and usage of traditional landlines. They are said to become systems used by the minority of businesses, simply due to the lack of features they provide, opposed to VoIP systems. VoIP offers smarter solutions to issues faced by businesses, making them a favored choice.

If you can take anything away from this article – it’s the need to innovate! Contact us today for further explanation on all things VoIP – the modern way to communicate.