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Remote working or bunking off?

By 26th February 2019General News, Halo News

Working from home or anywhere outside of the natural office environment is becoming increasingly popular, in fact, for many it is vital to their role, but how can you be sure that someone working from home is in fact, erm…working.

The productivity of remote workers has been in debate for some time, with many businesses still preferring the traditional office setting where they can keep an eye on the team.

But today’s remote working facilities are making it much easier to maintain close contact with the office, whether via email, chat, video conferences, cloud software and dozens of other complementary technologies.

Is it actually the case that remote workers are much more productive?

Think about it; no lengthy commutes to and from work, no distractions from the office banter and less interruptions from a colleague ‘running something by you’ simply because you’re there.

Consider your remote workers as virtual teammates and give them the right tools to keep in touch and you could be on a to a winner:

Real time communication– ask your employees to communicate with you/each other in ‘real time’ through telephone conference calling, video-conferencing or using instant messaging, which is popular for anyone on the road a lot and simply needs to check in throughout the day.
VPN connectivity – employees can access your business network or databases by connecting to an intranet or extranet. A virtual private network is a more secure way of doing this.
Synchronise diaries – even those working from home will need to meet face-to-face on occasion; if you ensure accessible calendars on your phones or computers you can arrange meetings, share documents and meet anywhere with a wifi connection.
Accessible everywhere – with an armoury of mobile phones, landlines diverted to a mobile and laptop computers with wireless internet access your employees are always accessible and can work from wherever they are.
Working from home isn’t an option for every job, but for those who can, there are some major advantages when using the right applications.