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Major phone providers are to go VoIP-only

By 26th February 2019General News, Halo News

BT have announced plans to ditch traditional phone lines in favour of all phone calls being made over broadband using VoIP systems. VoIP allows people to make voice calls through an Internet connection as opposed to a traditional landline, which is the trusty method many companies have used for almost a century now. While the move may come as a shock to long-standing users of traditional phone lines, BT are confident it will work.  

So, what are the pros? For BT, it will mean they have one less network to maintain, meaning they can fully concentrate on their broadband sector, rather than a dated technology with dwindling popularity. 

The cons? Every house in the UK would have to have a broadband connection. This may seem simple, but 10% of the UK’s population still don’t have internet access at home. However, this figure has been rising year-on-year and will hopefully have risen again by 2025. 

BT isn’t the only company wanting to ditch traditional phone lines, Orange have already vowed to make the switch by the end of 2020. And Deutsche Telekom are ahead of the curve, wanting to complete the transition to IP only by the end of 2018. 

We all know that VoIP is more flexible, more portable and cost efficient. Do you want to know more about VoIP? We’re experts! Get in touch for a natter.