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I want a VoIP solution; what do I do?

By 26th February 2019General News, Halo News
When choosing a VoIP provider for your business, it’s a good idea to think about what you want to achieve by instituting a new phone system. This will let you more easily decide between different services. Here are some suggestions on steps to take to help you make a decision.

List the basics

Even though this is a digital system, you need to sit down with paper and pen and map out your phone system and how you want calls to flow within your organisation. For example, who do you want to answer calls initially? Should calls go through a central reception or will your employees have a direct dial number? What happens to a call if no one answers? Answering these questions will allow you to understand your needs.

Make a wish list

The next step is to determine any additional features you would like. If you’re going to start a contract with a provider, it’s better to make sure they have the features you want, rather than settling on one and having to change at the end of your contract or paying cancellation fees for ending it early. Maybe some of these features are not attainable right now because of cost, but it will allow you to identify any future business requirements.

Do your homework

If you’re new to the world of VoIP, you should do some research and call around or look on providers’ websites to find out what they can offer. This will quickly allow you to discount those that aren’t right for you. Once you’ve shortlisted providers, you can call them and ask all the questions you have and it might help uncover some you hadn’t yet considered.

In it for the long-haul

There’s two ways to look at this – you don’t want to have to hop from provider to provider when you need to add on new features. Instead, you could select a provider that offers an initial solution and allows you to add on features when the need arises. You just have to account for any additional costs from these ad hoc add on features. The alternative is going with a provider that offers comprehensive features up front. This will take care of your essentials and wish list features from the start and your costs will be fixed.

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