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Across the UK many businesses face the daily struggle of slow loading and unreliable broadband, research published by the Office for National Statistics highlighted that unreliable internet connections impact productivity in 80% of businesses with the average team member wasting 72 minutes a day, or two and half working weeks a year as a direct result of poor connectivity.

In order to run a business smoothly and effectively in today’s climate, gigabit capable connectivity is a must, ensuring your speeds are fast, stable and strong no matter what you’re doing or where you are within the business.

By 2025, the Government’s aim is to have 85% of UK premises access to Gigabit-capable broadband, and 100% by 2033.

Over the past 18 months the coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on business and the way they operate with many businesses forced to work from home or for schools, colleges and universities adapt to remote learning. This drastic change, if not flip, of the way businesses work within the UK has further highlighted the need for widely available and reliable digital infrastructure.

In partnering up with ITS Technology as part of the faster Britain Campaign, we are able to provide full fibre connections to areas throughout the UK which aren’t currently able to access ultrafast and reliable broadband connections. ITS’ expertise in network design and build means that it is capable of connecting customers to gigabit connectivity far quicker than the industry norm. The network is installed by a ‘dig once’ approach using existing public and private sector infrastructure where appropriate which avoids disruptive road works, and means only digging new trenches when absolutely necessary.

A Faster Britain enables businesses throughout the UK to get:

Synchronous Speeds – you get the same upload and download speeds.

Faster Access to cloud service –  Ultrafast connectivity means  harnessing the true power of cloud based platforms and systems.

Reduced Telecoms Costs – With a reliable and fast connection, you can switch your current phone system to a hosted telephony system which runs solely on the internet rather than traditional phone lines.

Business Grade SLAs – With 99.99% uptime service level agreement you can be sure that you will never be offline.

Future proof services – Superior connectivity which will open up the next generation of applications and services for businesses across the UK.

Choice of Speeds – fats forward your business with a choice of speeds starting at 100mbps all the way to 1GBps.

Our team are excited to be partnered with ITS launching new infrastructure initiatives in your local area.

If you are interested in learning more about the roll-out of the new Faster Britain network, and what it means for you and your company, head over to our Faster Britain page