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How do I get VoIP into my business?

By 26th February 2019General News

There are various pieces of kit needed to get VoIP into your business, such as a smart phone, laptops, tablets and desk phones

However there are only 2 solutions: Cloud based and Office Based

Cloud based VoIP involves paying a monthly fee for the service, a bit like renting, and all the technical bits will be left to the people that specialise in that type of thing. There’s no upfront costs and the maintenance is done from our end.

With Cloud based VoIP, your business needs a sufficient broadband connection as a minimum: however, with Office Based VoIP, you’ll need managed internet access to enable you to make and receive calls over your existing data connectivity.

By keeping it in the office, you have more control. This option means your business has to pay for the upfront costs and the tech support and maintenance has to be done by yourself in the office. This is called SIP Trunking.

The speed of the broadband is a huge factor in how smoothly the calls will be, as a result many businesses turn to their broadband provider for a VoIP solution.

This is why Halo Connect have teamed up with Virgin Media Broadband to provide the fastest and most reliable broadband available for our hosted telephony systems.