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Deconstructing the Jargon

By 26th February 2019General News, Halo News

We’ve been in the comms business for almost 30 years, so technology jargon is a second language to us! We appreciate however, that it isn’t for most people. We’re going to deconstruct the jargon, so you can keep up to date with what we do.  


You’ve probably heard us mention this quite a bit. We’re big believers that VoIP is the future, so it’s important to us that you know exactly what it involves. VoIP stands for Voice Over IP (Internet Protocols) and is the transmission of voice calls using the internet instead of analog telephone lines. This makes it easier to call anyone in the world without the costs of international phone charges. VoIP systems are more portable, more efficient and more cost effective. What’s not to love?! 


You guessed it…Managed Internet Access! One of the many services we offer here at Halo Connect, MIA provides your business with a dedicated lease line ethernet connection. This means you get a super speedy, super secure internet connection that is monitored and managed online 24/7. Perfect for business centers that have other businesses rely on them for seamless and future-proof internet connections.  


We’ve all heard of fibre, right? Let us explain it a little further. Fibre optic broadband makes using the internet a breeze. A fast breeze! Uploads, downloads, streaming, you name it – it will happen fast. Thanks to new technology DOCSIS3, fibre optic broadband can start fast and stay fast, and holds it’s speed much tighter than regular copper. 

Last but not least…The Cloud 

The big fluffy things in the sky are old news! The Cloud is a way to access documents, systems and applications that are accessed by a network connection, through the internet. Gone are the days of needing servers, software and networking for an IT Infrastructure. The Cloud can be accessed anywhere in the world that has an internet connection, so you’re no longer limited by physical geography. You don’t need to access your local computer at the office for those files, as long as you have an internet capable device, you’re good to go! 

If you want any more information about the above services, just give us a call – we’d be more than happy to chat!