Name: Daniel Caines
Age: 22
Job Title: Sales Manager

Relevant training and qualifications: I have progressed into my current role from a sales account manager over a period of time.

How long have you worked for Halo Connect: Since August 2015

A brief description of your job role: Working closely with the directors, I ensure monthly sales targets are met using a number of methods. This can range from delivering training to new staff members to coaching our experienced agents to maintain company standards and develop existing skill-sets. I ensure staff are motivated and enjoy their working environment with exciting incentives, the generous commission structure or career progression. I deliver briefs daily to the room to feedback overall performance and organise buzz sessions/games to keep staff engaged.

What was your background before Halo Connect: Previously I was in the Royal Artillery of the British Army. It was very different to what I do now but the contrast in working environment is refreshing.

What do you enjoy most about working at Halo Connect: There is nothing better for me than when I see the whole sales floor push for a target, over achieve and be rewarded for all their hard work. Incentives are frequent as we have a work-hard play-hard mentality and it’s good to be a part of it.

What is a typical day like at Halo Connect: It’s hard to put your finger on what a typical day would be like! I would describe it as fast paced, focused and enjoyable. As much as we always do something new and every day is different ,the one thing that doesn’t change is we enjoy what we do.

What hours do you work: Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm


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