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Considering VoIP: Here’s 10 reasons why you should

By 26th February 2019General News, Industry

Perhaps your business is considering switching to a VoIP business phone system. There are several advantages to using this type of service and here’s our top 10 of standout features of a good VoIP.

1. Enable door phone entry buzzer
You might want to see who’s at the door before you let them in. This feature allows you to have a two-way call with any visitor and unlock the door from your phone (only if you want to let them in!) It’s an easy way to upgrade the security features in your building.

2. Find me/follow me call routing
This was designed with mobile workers in mind. You can create a list of reachable numbers before a call goes to voicemail. A good example of this is someone calling your office phone, and after the 3rd ring the call redirects to your mobile, then your home phone and so on, and if you’re still unreachable, the call will go to voicemail.

3. Tunes while they wait
If you frequently have to put callers on hold, the ability to choose what music they hear is essential. You don’t want to subject your callers to bad music that should remain in the past. They should at least enjoy their time while they wait to be connected!

4. Voicemail to email transcription
Say goodbye to the days of having to repeat a message just to write down a phone number. Once transcribed to text, you can also organise, save, delete and search through voicemails at your leisure.

5. Call screening
This feature is often forgotten, but is handy in allowing you to see who’s calling and lets you handle the call in a variety of ways. You can redirect a call to another phone or for those pesky callers you can just disconnect them.

6. Do not disturb
Does what it says on the tin. You can turn this on at will, allowing you to remain unbothered during meetings, conferences, etc. Not only will you not be disturbed, but you can also set it up to allow calls to be directed to another number or to go straight to voicemail.

7. Coaching tools
This is great for helping employees while they are on a call. There are two features that can instantly improve their on-phone performance: whisper and barge. Whisper lets you provide advice and information during the call without the client knowing. Barge simply allows you to listen in on a conversation and alert them if you want.

8. Bandwidth utilisation and inbound/outbound call details reports
A cloud-based VoIP service can provide bandwidth utilisation information that lets you track data usage. You can access company call history, including duration, origin, destination and cost of call.

9. Conferencing
Having a call with many people on the line can quickly become chaotic if not managed well. You can set up a conference floor mirror, allowing you to manage invitations, ‘hand-raises’ and even mute participants.

10. Auto attendant
This VoIP feature gives callers the ability to interact with a menu to choose the extension they want. It gives an air of professionalism especially for small businesses without a dedicated receptionist