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Challenges you face as a business without fast and reliable broadband….

By 7th May 2021Industry


If the connectivity slows, inevitably so will the work pace. The time lost for having poor internet connection can have a huge impact on both the growth and results of businesses. The average employee wastes 1 week per year waiting for their companies broadband to load!
multiple people working in an office with computer screens
zoomed in image of social media apps on an iphone

Digital Infrastructure

If the internet connectivity isn’t strong, uploads will suffer massively as well as other online tools that many businesses use. Updating website, social pages and interacting with customers through social media now plays a major part in many businesses growth.

Internal Communications

Internal communications rely on the intranet, email, e-newsletters and webinars and therefore weak internet connection can cause a big problem. A main problem of this being contention ratio: multiple employees doing the same task or attempting to access the internet at the same time- this slows down connectivity.
overhead view of laptop screens and notebooks
man typing on a phone

External Communications

Having seamless communication with the customer is very important. Fast and reliable has become the ‘NORM’ therefore individuals expect the same from businesses. A strong digital communication whether online or via social media is vital and any businesses without this or failing to meet this standard is missing out a huge market.

Buffering Broadband

Buffering is an issue with latency, as well as being an issue no business wants, this occurs when there is a delay processing data due to the internet connection.