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Improve Your Broadband Speed – WFH

By 3rd April 2020April 22nd, 2021General News

How to improve your internet speed whilst you work from home.

As most people are now working remotely due to coronavirus (Covid-19) there’s been an increased demand on the broadband network, which can cause much slower speeds. We’ve added 5 tips to help you improve your speed:

Tip 1 – Test your speed

It would be a good start to test your speed, finding out what speed you’re actually getting. This can be easily done by using a tool like; Ofcoms run a speed test. You can also access your providers specific guidance on improving speed.

Tip 2 – Keep your router away from other devices

Simply moving your router away from other devices and placing it on either a table or shelf can improve your signal.

Tip 3 – Lower the number of devices attached to your wi-fi

The more devices connected to your wi-fi the lower the speed, by turning off the wi-fi reception when those devices aren’t being used can improve your speed. While activities like downloading video in advance, instead of streaming it, can also help.

Tip 4 – Use your landline when making calls

As most people are likely to be making calls from their mobiles, using your landline instead could provide you with a more reliable connection and why not make voice calls over the internet using free apps like Facetime, Skype or WhatsApp.

Tip 5 – Go wired rather than wireless

To achieve the best broadband speeds, an ethernet cable that’s connected to your laptop/computer and directly to your router, rather than using the wifi connection. This is a great, affordable option and can immediately increase your broadband speed.
Halo Connect can provide you with all the essentials for your business to keep you going whilst you transition to working from home, contact us and one of our telecom experts will be in touch.