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5 reasons to switch to Leased Lines

By 26th February 2019General News, Halo News

Leased lines use Ethernet connectivity to deliver ultrafast internet connections at speeds up to 1Gbps. This is possible because the line is uncontended, so your business receives the entire bandwidth of the connection. As your business evolves, the use of bandwidth-hungry apps, conference calls and a growing number of employees puts a strain on your regular broadband. In this day and age, no businesses can afford any downtime and that’s why it’s important to have an internet connection which is fully future-proofed and reliable.

It’s about time 
Naturally, Leased Lines are more expensive. But the question is, what would the cost be to your business if the broadband connection were to go down? Leased Lines come with an enhanced SLA at an impressive 99.85%. Backed up by our 24/7 monitoring, this solution is designed to keep businesses connected at all times, meaning spending a little extra goes a long way. In addition to this, Leased Lines are also more secure than business broadband, perfect for public WiFi and guest access. Time is money and slow internet speeds could be holding you back.

Look into the future
With Leased Lines, you’ll get a dedicated Account Manager who’ll organise a bespoke connection built to last for years to come and be on-hand to provide any advice you may need. Forget the problems that come with broadband, your uncontended leased line leaves your business at an advantage. As your leased line is uncontended, the entire bandwidth is yours, meaning no delays. In comparison to business broadband, which comes with a 24-hour fault fix time, Leased Lines come with a guaranteed 9-hour fault fix time. Your leased line uses the latest connectivity technologies making them fully scalable and making the dreaded spinning clock of doom a thing of the past.

Keeping you up to speed
With a leased line, the upload and download speeds are exactly the same. For example, if six of your employees are video conferencing across the building, the rest of your team will be able to share large files without any delay or connectivity issues. A leased line consistently provides the same ultra-fast speed in both upload and download. Symmetric connectivity is critical for applications like file sharing between two branches, video conferencing, hosting mail servers/ websites, voice over IP etc; all of these applications are used by medium and large businesses regularly.

It’s all yours
With regular broadband, connectivity levels are weakened by many users sharing the bandwidth. If you have a high volume of internet users, or a smaller volume of high bandwidth users (for example, users downloading large files and using converged telecoms) this option is for you. With your very own leased line, the bandwidth isn’t shared between your neighbours, it is completely dedicated to you. This eliminates slow speeds at peak times, because no one has time for that.

Your business needs…
It is very clear that most businesses choose Leased Lines purely due to the speed and reliability. As technology is constantly evolving, more applications and digital platforms are taking over the business sector. This means for your business to succeed, a dedicated and future proof internet connection is essential. A leased line isn’t an upgrade from broadband, it’s a transformation. MIA is the perfect solution for organisations that depend on the internet and can’t afford to take a gamble. For big businesses or business centres, Leased lines are essential. It delivers a super secure, monitored and managed online operations 24/7 – no downtime, no disruptions, no dramas.